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I created a lot of the graphics at this website using various software tools, alone or in conjuction. For example, a lot of the wireframe graphics were done using an object-oriented Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP 5.0) encoding of the quadrays concepts, with methods for saving to Povray text files for ray-tracing and rendering.

allch.gif - 24.0 Krdpack2.gif - 29.5 K

Feel free to recycle any of the graphics you know to be mine, with or without attribution, as these are public domain by virtue of appearing on (making use of) the internet as a public resource, a technology for sharing information. You may want to contact Kirby or other original authors if uncertain regarding permitted uses.


spooky.gif - 8.8 K Spooky Castle Jitterbug (MPEG 302K) demonstrates a jitterbug done in STRUCK and seamlessly embedded in a static rendered environment -- note shadows. This suggests more sophisticated experiments wherein STRUCK serves as an animators' tool for developing life-like characters around hidden springnet anatomies.

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