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Synergetics by R. Buckminster Fuller
Thanks to Robert Gray, long time Fuller scholar, and E.J. Applewhite, Fuller's chief collaborator on Synergetics, plus a green light from the Estate of Buckminster Fuller (EBF), we now have the full text of both volumes, plus the graphics, on the web. Chris Fearnley has set up a mirror at SNEC.

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A Fuller Explanation by Amy Edmondson
Amy's book was the first book-length exploration of Fuller's geometry of thinking.

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Richard Hawkins Digital Archive
An inventory of QuickTime animations and other graphic works relevant to students of synergetics.


A (Bucky) Fuller Universe
Part of the Hearingvoices website, includes audio clips of Amy Edmondson, Kenneth Snelson, E.J. Applewhite, John Cage and others.

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The Fuller FAQ by Chris Fearnley.
Lots of good information, much of it culled from conversations on Geodesic, a listserv for discussing Bucky's stuff (see below).


Synergeo Yahoo Group
An unmoderated, publicly archived mailing list (only subscribers can post), for all those interested in synergetics and other topics related to R. Buckminster Fuller's work. Set up by Ken Brown in March, 2000 to fill the void left by Synergetics-L.

Tim Tyler's Springie: a Java Applet with an optional jar-file download, for doing Elastic Interval Geometry (EIG).

Darwin @ Home is Gerald de Jong's evolving master work. Gerald is the originator of EIG, with acknowledgment to Kenneth Snelson as influential.

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Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute by Joe Moore
A detailed collection of ideas and pointers to the literature, the result of many years of research. Joe's artwork is both friendly and folksy, and a serious contribution to communicating our design science approach to global problem-solving.

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Antiprism by Adrian Rossiter
A set of open source programs for generating, manipulating, transforming and visualising polyhedra.

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Buckminster Fuller Institute
Web site devoted to advancing Humanity’s Option for Success, inspired by the principles articulated by Buckminster Fuller. Includes on-line store.


OS Earth

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Thinking Out Loud
Public television WNET website, produced with assistance from Bonnie DeVarco, and in conjunction with the broadcast of documentary film by Simon & Goodman. The site features pages by J. Baldwin, Allegra Fuller Snyder, E.J. Applewhite and others, plus QuickTime movies, and a Forum.

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Archival dome lists:

Domesteading: archived list for the people interested in living in domes (1997 - 2003)

: listserv for the discussion of Buckminster Fuller's works. Formerly hosted at the University of Buffalo. Newsgroup archive. Patrrick Salsbury archive.

Synergetics on the Web
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