The Applewhites Visit Oregon
August, 1996

Posted: August 30, 1998
Modified: August 30, 1998

The Applewhites flew out to Portland for a visit with us in the summer of 1996. The details kept changing up until the last minute. At first it looked like maybe just Ed would come, but June decided to come along, despite health issues (the cane was new).

I'd visited with Ed in Georgetown a couple times, and Ed and June got to meet my parents briefly on another trip over Mexican food in DC. Ed and I also both attended the Synergetica conference hosted by the BFI in 1991, where Yashushi Kajikawa was the guest of honor. This was the Applewhites' first trip out to the Pacific Northwest and it was our privilege to show them around.

eja.gif - 40.1 K
Ed Applewhite
Crown Point, Oregon
Dawn, Tara and I drove Ed and June up to Crown Point in the Toyota. Alexia might have been working at the zoo that day -- where Ed and I had dropped her off enroute to the Rose Garden on the first day of the Applewhites' visit (Ed was waiting for us in front of the Arlington Club).

Ed was very taken with Portland's architecture, doing lots of walking tours reminiscent of those he did of Washington DC for his guide book. At Crown Point, he chatted a lot about the upcoming Nobel Prize for chemistry, much on his mind because it was to be for the discoverers-namers of buckminsterfullerne this time around.

june.gif - 28.7 K
June Applewhite
Crown Point, Oregon

Interesting day for vehicles at Crown Point that day. I missed getting a shot of the classic Rolls Royce, but snapped these two of the sherrif's van and this fleet of red cars around back.

sheriff.gif - 19.9 K

redcars.gif - 24.1 K

Ed and June were most generous with their time, kind and gracious visitors to our neck of the woods. They took us out to dinner as a family at the Newport Bay restaurant on the Willamette, and got to meet my friends Matt Ryan, who had accompanied me on a visit with Ed in Georgetown some years earlier, and Harold Long, architect and student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Ed and June invited me to the Heathman for a lavish coat and tie dinner. Ed and I also had steaks at The Ringside on West Burnside, after which I drove him up to Pittock Mansion for the view. Many fond memories.

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